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GICCA creates all apparels and products with an educational message on social issues.

I started GICCA as a social project to fight against social evil and advocate awareness.

Often people ask me how much impact can such a concept make and do we really need so much advocacy?

The world is changing, daily and even hourly.There are new issues coming into light, and there are new solutions which become available too.

Most of the time, the only obstacle standing in the way of human progress is the perception – the attitude towards a certain cause or a certain problem, and if this were to be changed, the world would become a better place.

Miss. Firdos Shaikh Founder(GICCA)

Email: firdos@gicca.org

Having the courage to speak up and speak out and advocate for a change in an established practice (or mostly silence – which still is used as an enabling tool to allow for some outdated notions to continue) – this is what’s changing the world for the better.

While a person can (reasonably and logically) assume that things such as child labor, for example, have been all but eliminated (the laws have been passed and there are no openly visible factories that employ child labor in most parts of the world) – that’s not true.

And the only way to advocate for the complete elimination of it is to educate people about it – things don’t simply vanish, and uncomfortable (and despicable) things do exist. They just go underground but they are not eradicated.

It might appear as redundant to hear over and over about human rights (which Westerners take for granted) and the rule of law – ugly truths have to be told to spurn an action from a larger audience.

This is mostly treated as education and informing the public at large, thus changing the attitudes and making people be curious instead of judgmental. Many times the lack of information causes fear and it results in all kinds of unintended consequences (such as violence against the unknown/little known) – and to avoid is, an awareness campaign seeks to fill in the educational gaps created by lack of knowledge.

On a positive note, there are new solutions and new breakthroughs on issues which might have been considered as a lost cause in very recent past – and the public at large won’t be aware of these unless we have the campaigns to educate and update people.

Just as denial of global climate change is futile simply because someone has found a snowball (Jim Inhofe’s snowball has disproven climate change once and for all), the denial of the existence of world hunger problem simply because someone just ate is closed-minded and needs to be fought and.. proven otherwise through raising that awareness.

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